Generation Z: The Rise of Tech



You might be familiar with the word “millennial.”

Maybe, for you, it brings up that cringe-worthy stereotype of the kid who never worked for anything in their life. Or maybe it brings up the thought of that teen who starts a bunch of projects, but just can’t finish anything because of pure laziness. Millennial has a certain negative connotation to the word, although this generation will argue and fight about their misconstrued reputation. However, this term might be a thing of the past.

The New Generation

Researchers are now interested in a new generation; Generation Z. Generation Z is made up of the teens and tweens of today, the generation that is aware of the terrors of the world and the bumps in the economy. Alex Williams of The New York Times explains that, “Generation Z is the first generation to be raised in the era of smartphones. Many do not remember a time before social media.” Generation Z dreams of social media icons, messages, and videos, and knows that they need to be creative to thrive in dark economic times.

Millennials vs. Generation Z

Millennials may have a faint memory in elementary school, playing hopscotch in the yard, completely oblivious to the social media age that would soon rule their everyday lives. However, Generation Z doesn’t even recollect a time when social media or smartphones ceased to exist.

Generation Z is also the generation that values privacy above all else. Facebook is no longer cool as moms, dads, aunts, and uncles are using this social platform to keep tabs on their kids. Dan Gould from Sparks & Honey explains that these kids are downloading anonymous social platforms such as Whisper, Snapchat, or Secret to keep their lives on the down low.

Generation Z and

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