How Apps Have Changed the Way We Live Today


It’s hard to imagine kids and teenagers 20 years ago without being glued to their smartphones.

Just imagine! People had to call each other to meet up beforehand and actually show up on time. If you saw someone rummaging through your bushes in the front lawn, you would call the police, instead of coming to the conclusion that they might have discovered a rare Pokémon through the app Pokémon Go in your garden. Let’s just say, things would look different.

Addicted to Smartphones

TestObject focuses on the data behind mobile and states that by the end of 2010, mobile data had grown twice as much as voice data. By 2014-2015, mobile data had also grown 55%. Even more shocking, the average time we spend daily on our smartphones is 3 hours and 40 minutes, not including the time we spend talking on the phones. Flurry Analytics even recorded that 90% of the time when we are on our mobile devices, we are spending this time on apps within our phones. After looking at these statistics, there’s no surprise that apps are changing the way we live today.

So what kind of apps are people interested in?

In Canada, the top apps that are being downloaded for free are:

  1. Snapchat
  2. Bottle Flip 2K16
  3. Six!
  4. Messenger
  5. iMovie

The top paid apps that are being downloaded are:

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  2. Geometry Dash
  3. Plague Inc.
  4. Heads Up!
  5. Minecraft: Story Mode

The top grossing apps are:

  1. Pokémon GO
  2. Mobile Strike
  3. Clash Royale
  4. Game of War- Fire Age
  5. Clash of Clans

Looking at these downloads, in Canada the popular apps fall within these categories: games, social media, and publishing. knows that mobile apps are changing the way people are communicating and spending their time today, so we’ve taken a different approach to the mortgage process. We make the mortgage process faster and easier with our simple online portal which allows you to upload your documents directly through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Find out more about the process today, and contact us to find the best possible rate.