Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2017



Technology is changing our world for better or for worse, depending on who you’re talking to, but 2017 has a lot more in store for us when looking at technological advancements.

We’ve already seen the growth of social media where positions such as “Social Media Manger” now exist in the business world. We’ve also seen the development of apps that are changing the way we get around, take Uber for instance. Uber offers customers a fast, easy, reliable way to get around the city, without having to pay astronomical prices for a ride. Thinking about what the future holds brings up a number of broad theories of what’s to come, but let’s narrow it down and see what 2017 has to offer:

Automated Finances

You may have noticed that many bank apps are offering a service that allows you to take a picture of your cheque in order to deposit it, instead of physically going inside a bank to do this. Bank apps are becoming increasingly more efficient, and the number of tasks you can complete without ever walking into a bank are becoming endless. Over the next decade, Citigroup predicts that automated banking might replace 30% of banking jobs. Looks like banking is abandoning the bank teller after all.

The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything will continue to grow in 2017, as the release of the Home app from Apple makes the “smart home” a reality. You’ll continue to see more affordable products in this market, making a smart home attainable for the average homeowner.


Mobile will continue to grow, and, as Murray Newlands reveals, four out of five people are now using their phones to shop. This isn’t a surprising statistic as people are glued to their phones throughout the day. Newlands acknowledges that Verizon is a company to watch out for, as they are solely becoming the “largest mobile workforce management company in the world.”

The Tech Revolution and

The tech revolution has already begun, but the snowball keeps rolling. With the big data being accumulated, this information will change the way we interact with apps and our own homes in the future. Soon enough, everyone will be able to lock their doors with the click of a button on their smartphones and dim the lights with a swipe.

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